5 Day Program

5 day – Signature workshops; with the non-rocket science business launch approach.

Participants are challenged, inspired, motivated and empowered with the know-how to access opportunities and the energy to start, and grow, their own enterprise. There’s no theory, just practical and ready to use support; with a final day twist! Our workshops are delivered in a very relaxed and fun style.

They are:

  • Informative and inspirational experiences, featuring interactive activities and challenges
  • Fast moving and they convey complex subject matter in a simple to understand and fun way
  • Meticulously planned, based on a proven formula with a good facilitator-to-attendee ratio
  • Inspiring, motivational and empowering
  • PLUS our unique Final Day Twist!!

They are all:

  • Easily accessible to all levels
  • Grow in confidence daily
  • Squash all self doubt
  • Make a dream a reality
  • Learn Emotional Resilience
  • Break the mould delivery
  • PLUS our unique Final Day Twist!!

Workshop Titles:

  • More than one way to skin a can’t
  • How to eat an elephant
  • How to eat a frog
  • From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur
  • How to start business with no money
  • Wronga.com – say no to loans!
  • How to make money while you sleep
  • How to think yourself rich
  • The millionaire mind-set
  • The give to receive philosophy
  • Building a community
  • A brand new you
  • What’s Wronga with Wonga
  • Pinpoint your customer
  • No laces in my bootstrap start up
  • Open your business 24 hours a day
  • Social media is not just all about pancakes and smiles
  • The Coffice
  • How to put some wind in your sales
  • The Ask formula
  • From passion to profit
  • How to earn interest from Pinterest
  • The Insta-wham of Instagram
  • Macropreneur – Micropreneur – Solopreneur
  • How to look like a £1m business on a shoestring budget
  • Define the problem, determine the price
  • Three mental myths to charging higher prices
  • Unmarketing marketing
  • Forget B2B, B2C, C2C, focus on P2P
  • The art of connection
  • Working from home is not all about Jeremy Kyle
  • How to tell the world your business is here
  • Riches come from niches
  • Breaking down the barriers of disbelief
  • Working the net to spread the word
  • The world is your oyster
  • A happy balancing negotiation
  • Money for value and value for money
  • How one man made £90,000 PER MONTH!!!
  • Procrastinate on purpose
  • The best place to go fishing
  • Making sure the price is right
  • Marketing that gets into people’s heads

What Next? Starting a business doesn’t have to be rocket science and growing one doesn’t have to be either.

Post Event – We provide:

  • Access to our privately Online Resource Centre
  • Access to our public Online Resource Download where they can download Word, Excel, PDF, Numbers and Pages Templates to assist their business
  • Coaching emails (at a rate agreed for an agreed duration)
  • Access to our Biz-E SME Magazine Website
  • Access to, and peer-to-peer support via, our Facebook group
  • FAQs answered directly via our video response centre or FAQs Blog page
  • Access to our Podcast Area; features include: ‘A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur’ & ‘How do I…?’ responding to questions about the day-to-day of being a Solopreneur
  • Access to our Blog Area; features include: ‘A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur’ & ‘How do I…?’ responding to questions about the day-to-day of being a Solopreneur
  • Access to our Service Area – An area specifically designed for our Start-ups to sell their services and products through our ‘People Per Hour’ Style web solution

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